In partnership with the National Luoyang Bearing Institute and the Shanghai Bearing Institute, SNH offer a comprehensive quality control service in our Shanghai main factory and charge a fee according to the types of inspection and testing services required.

Apart from productions, bearing shipments are also inspected and certified for technical and general quality assurance. The systematic inspection methods are developed from our over 20 years of export experience and are designed after the International ISO-2859-1981 Sampling Size and Procedure Method S/4. Each consignment is inspected from the following aspects:
Dimension specification - ABEC 1,3,5,7,9.
Vibration test
Radial clearance
Steel material hardness
Steel martensitic structure
Visual appearance
Assembly quality
Packaging quality - internal & external
Some industries may require a number of additional tests and procedures and some may require larger sample sizes even up to 100%.
In determining the quality standard of a consignment lot, SNH also classify the bearings according to the industrial application and then carry out the inspection from the aspects described above. Some examples are shown below:
Electric Motors
Noise tests (100 % )
Bearing life
Maximum revolutions per minute ("RPM")
Electrical Power Tools
Max. RPM
Bearing life
Automotive and Mining
Bearing life
Material martensitic structure
Noise test
Free hand spin
Inner/outer ring run out tolerance
Specific application
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