Like a doctor who advises his patients, SNH's bearing services prescribe the appropriate medication to our customers' bearing problems. Our abundance of engineering resources and 20 years of bearing export experience have equipped us with the knowledge to cure every bearing illness.
Shanghai is fast developing into a modern metropolitan city and an industrial hub of China. The car and aviation industries there are leading the city to the forefront of technology. SNH will ride along this development and endeavor to fulfil Shanghai's need for the state-of-the-art bearing technology.
Moreover, unlike many other factories outside Shanghai area having only a few of engineers, SNH possesses a pool of outstanding Chinese engineers. We do not only have young and energetic engineers but also senior engineers, some of them even having a life's time experience in the bearing industry. This provides a continuity of the very best engineering expertise in the country.
Therefore, whether it be designing a new bearing, choosing the best bearing application, technical issues of bearing assembly, broken bearings etc, SNH is here to help you. Just tell us your bearing sickness and we will give you the right prescription.
We do not charge our customers for general practitioner services, but we do charge them for specialist services. Please feel free to consult us at