Nan Hwa Enterprise Pte Ltd of Singapore began China business during the communist days 40 years ago. She was the sole distributor of all Chinese automotive products for Malaya, Borneo, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Sin Nan Hwa Co. Ltd ("SNH") has been set up to promote China business since China opened its iron curtain in 1979.

Under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Leon Lau, SNH began trading in Chinese ball and roller bearings. With its family connection stretching for 20 years, SNH has quickly built up its bearings business and developed business relationship worldwide. In 2003, the company set up its European office in Germany to look after its European Sales Network. SNH Europe GmbH is the sales office for European Countries.
Leon Lau - Chairman and Managing Director
  Mr. Lau is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of the Singapore University. He has 20 years of bearing business experience.
Lu Yongdong - Deputy Managing Director
  Mr. Lu is a graduate of the Luoyang Bearing Institute. He was formerly the Chief Engineer with the Jiangsu Wuxi Miniature Bearing Factory.
Chen Feng - Chief Engineer
  Mr. Chen was formerly the engineer with Shanghai miniature bearings factory for many years.

SNH's main factory, with units of engineering, production, quality control, local sales, as well as research and development department, is located at Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Park, Anting District, Shanghai.

The Administration Office is set up at Mao Tai Road, downtown Shanghai.
The Sales and Operation Office is located in Hong Kong where export payment and documentation are administered. All sales and payment functions are directed to the Hong Kong Office.
International sales are controlled through the Hong Kong Office. Some OEM like Robert Bosch, Black/Decker, Ametek, Knott Gmbh, and Johnson Electric etc are also administered directly and indirectly by the Hong Kong Office.
The distributor for South Africa is General Bearings cc.
The distributor for New Zealand is Bearing Wholesale Limited.
The distributor for Brazil is Santa Clara MAQS. E Fer. Ltda.
The distributor for U.S.A. is Uquality Auto Parts Corp.
The distributor for Sinpapore and Malaysia is Autoacc Trading Pte Ltd.
The distributor for Indonesia is P.D. PELITA.